Our Mission

We provide service to others, promote integrity and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional and community leaders.

Our Core Values

Our Vision

‘’Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.’’

We take action to improve our communities and the world.

We see a world where Rotarians are supported with modern and effective learning opportunities.

We unite in projects across our clubs, our communities and our networks.

We create lasting and sustainable change.

Our Action Plan

To share the story of our impact and then increase our impact. To encourage Rotarians and friends to be ambitious, compassionate, articulate and persuasive and expand our reach. Maintain the needs and growth of Rotarians at the crux of our programs and strive to understand the needs of others to increase participant engagement. Demonstrate how we can be the architects of change and learn how to increase our ability to adapt.

’If you want to live in a certain kind of world you have to help build it. Rotarians give hope.’’ – RI President Nominee Jennifer Jones.


  • Club President-Elect to attend President - Elect Training Seminar (PETS) prior to taking office.
  • President-Elect to complete the Club Health Check to assess their club’s strengths and weaknesses. Develop an action plan for implementation.
  • Increase attendance at District Assembly and District Conference.
  • Establish Goals and a Strategic Plan.
  • Members to engage with MyLearning.
  • Ongoing support to Interact and to support Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. (RYLA).

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  • Establish a membership committee.
  • Increase membership by 5% annually.
  • Improve member retention.
  • Promote membership diversity – age, ethnicity and gender.
  • Increase member participation and involvement in service projects and club activities.
  • Develop a succession plan for club executives.
  • Introduce a Friends of Rotary Program.
  • Develop a Corporate Plan.

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  • Ensure sound financial processes are followed and accounts maintained to the appropriate accounting standards.
  • Establish an Audit and Finance Committee.
  • Maintain a safe environment for all youth through youth protection training for all members.
  • Ensure updated register of Working with Children Checks WWCC.
  • Ensure safe meeting and event management practices in a post-COVID world.
  • Meet our statutory governance compliance requirements.

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  • Board members and Directors to have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. And attend relevant training.
  • Implement best practices in the management of Club resources and activities.
  • Produce an updated Calendar of club, District, National and International Events.
  • Produce and distribute a monthly club newsletter – IngleAngle.
  • Review and update policies annually.

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  • Encourage new Rotarians to gain knowledge by attending training and Rotary events.
  • Informal and formal training through Guest Speakers.
  • Identify and develop future leaders and provide opportunities for them.
  • Continue ongoing support for New Generations Programs.

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  • Create a stronger public profile.
  • Appoint a Public Image Director and committee.
  • Promote Rotary projects and Rotary generally using social and print media.
  • Use of official Rotary promotional materials.
  • Develop a relevant and informative website.
  • Develop partnerships with other service groups and collaborate on projects..
  • Find new projects that create interest, projects that focus on people’s passions and utilise each member’s strengths.
  • Nominate Members for local community awards. Run Pride of Workmanship Awards.
  • Recognise members with Club Awards.
  • Provide a variety of social activities outside normal meetings.

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  • Provide information, training and support for the Rotary Foundation programs.
  • Grow the total giving to the Rotary Foundation each Rotary year.
  • Promote the Paul Harris Society and increase that membership.
  • Continue support through financial contributions towards the eradication of polio in our world.
  • Expand opportunities for service. Increase sustainable service focussed on the Areas of Focus.
  • Undertake grant management training for both District and Global Grants through the District website and MyRotary.
  • Use of Rotary Club Central to record our service goals and track performance.
  • Actively support Youth Programs in the community.

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