Our Action Plan

To share the story of our impact and then increase our impact. To encourage Rotarians and friends to be ambitious, compassionate, articulate and persuasive and expand our reach. Maintain the needs and growth of Rotarians at the crux of our programs and strive to understand the needs of others to increase participant engagement. Demonstrate how we can be the architects of change and learn how to increase our ability to adapt.

’If you want to live in a certain kind of world you have to help build it. Rotarians give hope.’’ – RI President Nominee Jennifer Jones.

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Actions / How?
Resources Needed / Who?
Timeline / When?
Date - Completed / Review / Outcomes

President-Elect to attend the President-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) prior to taking office.

Reinforce the importance of attending training prior to taking on the role of President. A requirement for the role.


When District runs the training

President elect trained prior to taking office.

President-Elect to complete the Club Health Check to assess their club’s strengths and weaknesses. Develop an action plan for implementation.

Presidents-Elect to complete the Club health Check as a part of PETS. Clubs lodge Health Check with district.

Support from Membership Directors/ Committee

Online copy developed


Incoming President have a better understanding of their own club and the potential challenges ahead.

Increase attendance at District Conference, District Assembly  

Reinforce the importance of attendance and the benefits to be gained.

  Presidents/Presidents-Elect/ Board / Directors


Number of attendees compared to previous year(s). Review as one of Citation Goals.

Establish goals and develop a Strategic Plan.

Members are given Citation Goals to review, and all have a say on the 13-15 set for Rotary year. Reviewed at least three times a year. Ensures that all members can see how the club is progressing.

Club members / President

2 – 3 times per Rotary Year

Meet Citation Goals

Club Leadership Team members to engage with MyLearning.

Reinforce the importance of attendance and the benefits to be gained.

At least once a year as part of a club meeting members do an activity from MyLearning.

Presidents/Club Boards.

All members to have a MyRotary account


Log Number of attendees.

Support Interact Clubs and   every year send students to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)Camp.

Promote throughout the community. Try to increase the number of clubs/ members.

Initiate a Youth Leadership Award- winner nominated for RYLA.

New Generations Director & New Generations Committee


Increase the number of Interact clubs. Increase in the number of members of Interact.

Number of RYLA attendees.Also send students to RYPEN.

Actions / How?
Resources Needed / Who?
Timeline / When?
Date - Completed / Review / Outcomes

Establish a membership committee and develop a detailed plan,

Membership Co Directors asked for interested members.

Co-Directors of Membership

Meet monthly in person or via Zoom.

Productive committee established and detailed plan in place.

Increase District membership by 5% annually.

Implement a comprehensive plan to support clubs to recruit and retain members.

Membership Committee


Increase in membership numbers.

Improve   member retention.

All new members to have a member trained in Rotary knowledge as their mentor; increase Rotary information to members. Club recognition to members. Membership satisfaction surveys. Regular and inclusive club activities to keep interest. Shared celebrations.

Club Presidents & Boards


80% retention of new members in their first 3 years in Rotary.

Promote membership diversity in clubs.

Increased visibility, Information night, partnerships, social media highlighting members, partnerships with multicultural groups.

Directors of Membership / membership committee


Membership diversity in clubs increases. Increase in women, more members in the 40-49 bracket. Data available on MyRotary.

Increase member participation and involvement in service projects and activities. Suggest joint club projects (i.e. increased cooperation between clubs)

Promote the benefits of member involvement to member retention and satisfaction. Variety of projects and interests. A citation goals.

Board and club members


All members attended and supported a very wide range of activities.

Develop a Succession Plan for club executives.

Co-Directors on Board

Encouraging new Board members – mentor them in areas of interest  

Encourage new members to participate in management of the club.

Board members


Increased number of non-Directors on Board.

Introduce a Friends of Rotary Program

Develop commitments needed in the program. Feedback Board and members.

Information Night and increased visibility in the community and on social media.

Membership Director. Input from club members


Increase in number of people associated with the club and more volunteers for projects and activities.

Develop a Corporate Plan

Formal opportunity to involve local businesses etc in Rotary.

Director of Membership


To establish partnerships with local businesses and organisations.  

Actions / How?
Resources Needed / Who?
Timeline / When?
Date - Completed / Review / Outcomes

Ensure sound financial practices are followed and accounts maintained to the appropriate accounting standards.

Sound governance practices are embraced.

Establish an Audit and Finance Committee and plan.

Audit and Finance Committee


Highest standards of financial management maintained.

Maintain a safe environment for all youth through youth protection training for all members.

District Youth protection training Youth protection policy to be kept current and relevant.

Youth Protection Officer


The highest standards of youth protection are maintained at Club level.

Ensure updated register of Working With Children Check WWCC

Ask members to provide updated written notification of WWCC



To ensure that the club meets legal requirements in all its programs and activities involving youth.

Ensure safe meeting and event management practices in a post COVID world.

COVID-19 safety plans for all activities



The highest level of COVID-19 safety maintained

Meeting our statutory governance requirements.

Training to be provided to Club officers. by district. Compliance; updated Constitution and Bylaws; Risk Analysis.

District Compliance Support Committee


We maintain as a club a high level of governance.

Actions / How?
Resources Needed / Who?
Timeline / When?
Date - Completed / Review / Outcomes

Develop a realistic rolling 3-year plan so that there is continuity in both planning and execution.

Review Strategic Plan every six months.

Board and members

Review prior to the new Rotary year.

Strategic Plan remains relevant & current and is updated to meet changing situations.

Board members and Directors to have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and attend relevant training.

MyLearning training is available for all Board members.

Provide each Board member a printed roles and responsibilities statements for review and discussion. Directors explain to members.  

President/ Board Members

With the beginning of the new Rotary year and new Board members

All Board members know their roles and responsibilities. Other members can see what each position involves.

Implement best practices in the management of Club resources and activities.

Reinforce the benefits of using best practices to the proper management of the Clubs.



Improved management practices by Clubs.

Produce an updated calendar of club, District, National and International events

The calendar is updated regularly based on information from board members and District newsletter and websites

Board member / secretary


Allows all members to keep up to date with what is happening in the club and all spheres of Rotary

Produce and distribute a monthly club newsletter-IngleAngle

Directors and leaders of special committees write monthly articles with photos to newsletter editor

Newsletter Editor


Increased understanding of the activities of Ingleburn Rotary Club and Rotary International.

Has led to media stories based on information.

Review and update policies regularly

Timeline for review to be developed. Policies to be identified - such as Risk, Insurance, Compliance and Legal Requirements, Auditor, Professional Conduct.



Club is current on all policies

Actions / How?
Resources Needed / Who?
Timeline / When?
Date - Completed / Review / Outcomes

Encourage new Rotarians to gain knowledge by attending training and Rotary events.

Benefits to individuals and Clubs to be reinforced. New members welcome events reinstated.

Mentors and membership committee


Increased knowledge and understanding of Rotary by new Rotarians

Training Through Guest Speakers

Guest speakers select local and District personnel to inform members.

Input from members on who they would like to hear from and on what topics – members survey

Guest Speaker organisers


Increased member knowledge informative sessions

Develop a 3 year strategic plan that provides for the future direction of the club.

District Leadership Team to assist Clubs in the development of a strategic plan.

President to lead and members to review at least every 6 months

Ongoing but with particular emphasis in the months leading up to the start of the new Rotary year.

Ability to set and achieve more goals.

Identify and develop future leaders and provide opportunities for them.

Encourage them to attend District activities. Select them for opportunities that may arise.



Members take on positions on the Board or run a committee, activity.

Actions / How?
Resources Needed / Who?
Timeline / When?
Date - Completed / Review / Outcomes

Create a stronger public profile for Rotary

Visibility in the community through programs and activities.  New promotional brochure. New banners. Increased use of social media. Signs for cars.

Public Image Committee


Greater recognition of the work that Rotary does in the community.

Appoint a Public Image Director and Committee and develop a plan.

Board member to take on position. Call for interested members.

Director Public Image.


Increase profile, increased community awareness of our club and Rotary International.

Promote Rotary projects and Rotary using social and print media.  

Use of Facebook and a new website. Guest speakers who have a media background for advice.

Use Rotary promotional materials.  

Public Image Committee


Increase in the number of articles promoting Rotary in all forms of media.

Develop a relevant and informative website

One of the members who works in IT took on the role. Support from other members. Totally new website.

Current and relevant information

Public Image Committee


Increase profile, increased community awareness of our club and Rotary International.

Develop partnerships with other service groups

Through targeted programs and activities. Supporting others fundraising.

Collaborate on projects - Macarthur clubs.  

The Silver Coin Project, Chattagram Club Australia etc.

Directors / Board


Improved and bigger local projects to benefit the community.

Find new projects that create interest, projects and utilise each member's strengths.

Collaborate with other Macarthur Clubs and organisations

Directors/ Board / members


Increased satisfaction and involvement of members

Nominate members for local community volunteer awards such as those offered by local councils. Run Pride of Work awards in clubs.

Assist Clubs with information about local awards.

Gift of Time - Campbelltown City Council.

Rotary Inspirational Woman.

District Vocational Service Committee

District Newsletter with Grants.


Greater community recognition of Rotarians and Rotary Clubs.

Provide a range of social activities outside normal meetings

Ask members for types of activities that they enjoy and suitable days of week and times. 

Social Committee


Opportunity for members, partners and families to socialise and learn more about each other.

Actions / How?
Resources Needed / Who?
Timeline / When?
Date - Completed / Review / Outcomes

Provide information, training and support for The Rotary Foundation programs.

Director of Rotary Foundation writes articles for IngleAngle; invites District Rep; website; regular updates at club meetings.

Rotary Foundation Director & Committee


Increased Rotarian knowledge of The Rotary Foundation programs.

Grow the total giving to The Rotary Foundation each Rotary year.  

Promote annually amongst members - Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) Award.

Highlight the benefits of individual donations. Introduce Centurion giving

Rotary Foundation Director & Committee


Increase in club annual donations based on number of members.

Increase in the number of individual Rotarian donors.

Promote the Paul Harris Society and increase that membership.

Review of recognition guidelines for PHF and award committee.

Members are encouraged to nominate.

Board and club PHF recipients

Process starts in March each year.

Increase in the number of Paul Harris Society members.

Continue support through financial contributions towards the eradication of polio in our world.

End Polio Now. Polio is very close to being eradicated worldwide. Our aim is to eradicate Polio as Rotary’s gift to the children of the world.

Promote World Polio Day. Support Train Ride to End Polio.

Director of The Rotary Foundation.


Financial support for the End Polio

Expand opportunities for service. Increase sustainable service focussed on the Areas of Focus.

Encourage club participation in local and/or international projects annually and strive to involve all club members.

Directors of Service Projects and International programs.

Encourage ideas from members.


More projects listed Club Central Current Projects listed on Rotary Showcase

Undertake grant management training for both District and Global grants through the District website and MyRotary.

Ensure that Clubs know how to apply for District Grants using information available on the District website and through MyRotary. Apply for a grant for a targeted project.

Volunteer from the Board

Annually through training at District Assembly and Presidents’ meetings and District Grants Seminar.

Increased knowledge of how TRF grant programs work. Increase in the number of Global Grant applications.

Gained a District grant to support International Students

Use of Rotary Club Central to record service goals and track performance.

Provide training on the benefits of using Rotary Club Central.

Directors of Service Projects and international Projects


Means to demonstrate we have achieved our yearly goals.

Actively support Youth Programs in the community.

Support a variety of programs such as Science and Engineering Challenge and UTurn the Wheel.

Review Muna. Increase Interact. Continue to support RYPEN and RYLA.

New Generations Director & Committee


Increase in club involvement across the whole range of Rotary Youth Programs.

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