Tarakeshwar is an agricultural village in the District of Nuwakot which is about 69kms north of Kathmandu. As a result of covid19 and ongoing lockdowns – started 24th March – many people returned to the village from the cities. They did this before all public transport was banned from the roads. Some migrant workers, mainly from India, have also returned home. This increase in population has put an added strain on food supplies. There are about 50 families who do not own land but rather do part time work. This is no longer available. As a result no work = no money = no food. These include orphans, single women, those with physical disabilities, and low caste families.

As part of our International projects we are supporting two schools in this village – Shree Janata Smriti Primary School and Shree Krishna Secondary School. When asked if we could assist with a food distribution program the club did not hesitate to agree. The program has been quickly completed and 177 people have been provided with rice, salt, dhal, potatoes, oil and hand sanitizer. These supplies will last them for up to two months.

The lockdown in Nepal has finally had some restrictions lifted. The village schools still remain closed. With limited electricity and no technology there has been no remote learning. Public transport is still not allowed, so the villagers remain isolated. The local shop has run out of supplies. The food we provided came from a market town 35 kms away. A police permit was needed to travel on the road.

Dear Rotary Club of Ingleburn,

Due to COVID-19, most of the countries are in lockdown and facing different problems like health, economic and social. At such a situation, mostly people of the developing countries like Nepal facing a food scarcity as well as other different problems. In this difficult situation they want help from other and especially espect food. Different helping hands are act here, among them Rotray Club of Ingleburn also the sponsored food for the people of Tarakeswar rural municipality (especially, orphan, single women, physical disable). About 55 family get such type of help so they are really telling thanks to you all from their inner hearts & they always remember you for your help. We also want to tell thanks to you and Mr Sigdel Naboraj for arranging such a great program. 

For a reasonable modest sum we were able to support about 180 people in 55 family groups for about 2 months. It’s gladdening when we can support our fellow human beings that are suffering, short of food and doing it tough…

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